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Are you feeling overwhelmed with stress? 

You can be happier...

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How To Stress Less and Achieve More

Healthy stress can motivate you to achieve peak performance. However, when your stress progresses to toxic level, it will damage your health. Read on

How To Live Better? A Simple Key...

When you have this one simple key--you'll be able to unlock your happiness and live a better life. Not only that, you'll be more successful and confident! Read on

How To Increase Your Confidence

When was the last time you took bold actions? Perhaps you think when you have the confidence; then you’ll act? Don't wait...Read on

What are your challenges?

Are you longing for a breakthrough to more joy, fulfillment, and accomplishments in your work and life? Do you at times feel like you are fighting the battles all alone? People think you live a life of success. But, deep down you are unhappy, stressed, and unfulfilled. I know how that feels. You're not alone! I can assure you...IF...

  • You want to stress less and achieve more so you can enjoy life and accomplish bigger dreams
  • You want to live on purpose, reach your potential, and honor your TRUE priorities
  • You want to create a NEW roadmap to achieve success on your own terms
  • You want to have stronger relationships with your significant other, colleagues, boss, or staff
  • You are in career or life transition and want to explore new options and strategies

Then, you've arrived at the right place.

Corinna Kong, M.Ed. #1 international bestselling author, success mindset trainer, and business life coach.

To the magnificent YOU: We help you stress less and achieve more. We help you master your mindset and habits to create any success you want with confidence. We teach you how to flourish with practical steps. 

I have a background in medical social work, educational technology, leadership and organization development. I empowered over 2,700 families to overcome insurmountable challenges in my first career as a medical social worker. Since 2005, I have helped Fortune 500 technology companies, startups, and NGOs in Silicon Valley design professional and leadership development roadmaps that enabled over 7,000 professionals and leaders to achieve their success. 

I believe happiness breeds success, not the other way around. I empowers you to increase your happiness and achieve your dreams. I leverage my knowledge of NeuroLeadership Results Coaching System, the new psychology of success, and my experience building a happy workplace to reveal a happy YOU. Learn more about my story through my book Train For Joy.


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